A Party Favor!

Last minute party? Clutch!


 GG pal JV Librea presents her new fave party bag!

THE NILA BAG! The ultimate party bag made to be worn in many different ways. From date night to the dance floor, the Nila bag has got you covered! 💃🏻

You can always find JV DJing or just being #CHIC during Thursday nights hosted by Elephant @ XX XX; so she came up with a handheld device that would suit every #OCCASION!

“The bag started with a need for me, really to create the perfect bag for situations or events that require a smaller bag. A kind of bag that could transition from a dressy or pretty formal event like a date night or even a wedding to an intense party where all you really wanna do is dance and not be bothered by what you’re carrying. So I found that I had to create something that gave the user options in terms of carrying whilst maintaining a silhouette that almost felt invisible when worn or at least felt incredibly sleek. A few months of product development led to this. Tried on different strap lengths to see which was most comfortable for everyone, what kind of top handle distributed the bag’s weight properly and had great grip, what kind of flap was convenient etc. And it finally led to this bag. So far my friends and I found about 6 ways to wear it. It’s cool how different people still find creative new ways to wear it. It’s really the best bag for events even for just mall. It’s not too big that it feels bulky and not too tiny that nothing fits!”

Photography Kevin Cantos