Only 4 U!

GG has always been there to satisfy your pleasure-seeking bodies.

As a gift for our #GGluvs, we’ve asked our friends from Transit Records to come up with a 154 minute playlist for your #EARS only!

We had a little chat with the team to get to know more about the project.

How do you seperate the store from Transit Records?

transit records is the event/activation arm of transit store. Through the combination of a local perspective and a fascination for what’s beyond, the label builds off the interplay of a wide variety of genres – including techno, house, electronica, hip-hop and more. Whether it be your local DJ or your neighborhood graphic designer, the brand’s music sensibility is built to augment the individuality and unique lifestyle of its listener. transit is an inquisitive look at how multi-genre music, events, and product act in the service of a better life.

The record’s platform?

station is a multi-genre compilation series featuring hand picked selections by our in-house djs and music enthusiasts. the compilations serve as an auditory exploration and documentation of the different songs and artists that we’ve been tuning into inside and outside of our office.

Anything coming up this month?

afterdark is a transit records engagement that brings our love for house, techno, trance, disco, and beyond to the dance floor. the monthly series plays host to a an eclectic line-up featuring our young pool of talent, more seasoned selectors, and professional guests that we love and admire.

Join us for the first iteration of afterdark on Friday, February 8 at Today x Future.