Lactose & Tolerant

Creamy goodness!

NY GG gal Martine Velasco presents MILKFART! A project she came up with her roommate once upon a couch relaxation sensation session.

How did it start?

MILKFART was started by my roommate, Andy Sun, and I around October this year. Our friends know that we have a very particular sense of humor that almost borders on obscene at times, and we wanted our brand to somehow represent this. We’ve realized that using humor as a coping mechanism isn’t unique to us; a large subset of today’s youth also enjoy poking fun at their own problems in order to better digest them.

What do you want your project to be in the long run? 

We strive to advocate awareness for mental health, environmental consciousness and the perils of 21st century youth through MF. Our philosophy is that life shouldn’t have to be so serious all the time, and neither should fashion. We want MF to reflect our personal values, which is why we prioritize accessibility and, eventually, sustainability, as part of our ‘guiltless fast fashion’ model.

Any plans for the new year?

All t-shirts shot are just our samples and prototypes – we’re still starting mass production in the new year. They are all one-of-ones, handprinted in our Brooklyn apartment by Andy, Diana and I.

Photography, Styling & Creative Direction: Martine Velasco 

Direction Assistant: Andy Sun 

Models: Amanda Wang and Jessica Chan