Stylists Jed Gregorio and Vince Crisostomo talk to GG about their new styling project.

Tell us about your project. What made you start it?
Future Gut is a personal project of Jed and I. It’s about styling exploration. We wanted to create something where we can play and  find different possibilities in fashion through styling.  

What was the sourcing process like? Did you also have things custom made for the project?
We did! Jed and I didn’t want it to be [the clothes] associated with anyone so we had few pieces made exclusively. For the process, everything became organic. We did the sourcing and looks separately then fused everything last minute. 

What’s the overall direction for the first shoot? Was it mainly editorial, or a specific inquiry into something?
We wanted the focus to be on the clothes. Covering the face of the model and having it a la look book removes the unnecessary distraction and familiarity. 

What did you aim to highlight during the first styling exercise? What was the most surprising thing to come of it?
Proportions. Also I’ve been obsessing on men’s suits and uniform so I knew I would incorporate a few. The editing process was the most interesting. With this kind of project, it’s harder when you’re not just working on your own but it went the other way.

How did our city’s fashion “landscape” influence or inform your project?
Future gut was more of a reaction to what’s happening in the industry. I remember how much Jed hates when others complain on how limited the resources here. And how styling settles to what is available. When actually it pushes locals to be creative and resourceful.  

Are you guys considering putting any of the pieces up for sale?
I don’t think so. 

Photography by Paolo Crodua
Styling by Jed Gregorio and Vince Crisostomo
Model Paulo Deoferio

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