GG loves: Áraw

Sun don’t shine in the shade ☀️

Áraw presents Blank Canvas, a new editorial series showcasing different interpretations of Áraw and its vintage-inspired line of tropical basics. Shot in Melbourne, SPLICE, the first off the series, aims to capture founder Carla Sison’s primary influences—from the tropical fabrics and colors of her motherland Philippines, to her laid back meets cosmopolitan upbringing in Melbourne to the most recent residency in street wear heavy Berlin.

Áraw will be available at Tenant Manila, 9639 Kamagong St, San Antonio Village Makati from February 11 until February 19.

An afternoon event will be held at Tenant Cafe at 3-7pm on Saturday February 11.

Photography Nicole Saliba
Styling Georgia Gaillard & Scott James
Hair & Makeup Georgia Gaillard
Model Karla Duckworth