Preview: Just Us Zine

Long long distance love affair. 

Bonnapart Galeng is no stranger to zines. Formerly of Yuckzine, his new venture Just Us is “about the relationships we build with people we are traveling with.” From Taipei to Turkey, its first issue is a cinematic, tender exploration of family, friendship, and love.


We’re really excited that you’re doing zines again. The last time was with Yuckzine  (which we unfortunately don’t even have copies of!). How long has that been?
Bon: It’s been a year since the last issue of Yuckzine. I was going to release the issue three of Yuckzine featuring Girls of Manila last year but my laptop crashed and all the files got corrupted including the issue three. I didn’t have any back-up files and it’s too much work to start from scratch.

What prompted you to start a new zine? And why traveling, of all subjects?
The idea came to me when a friend and I went on a trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand early this year. We documented our adventure using two point-and-shoot analog cameras and thought of making a zine out of it. While designing the zine, I realized that I haven’t encountered any publication (at least locally) that focuses on people traveling together with a youth culture flair. The idea of traveling alone has been a favorite subject by many and been romanticized in different forms. But not much about traveling with other people. There are more stories to share when you are traveling with someone/people. That’s probably one of the reasons why I made a zine about it.   


We love the name Just Us. Not a question. Just saying!
I love it too! I was going to name it ‘Together’ but one of my friends is also doing a publication project with the same name so I changed it. I got it from a text of a friend when I asked her who are we traveling with and she said, “Just us.”

What’s the best destination you’ve ever been to?
So far, Bali. I love how they balanced Balinese and Western culture especially with architecture. You know you are in a different place because their architecture is distinct. Also, you can do a lot of things in Bali. Like every place there has something to offer and it’s close to each other. But Philippines still has the best beaches.


The worst?
Cebu. I mean, the beaches there are great but Cebu feels like an extension of Manila. Nothing is new. Same restaurants, same things to buy, same everything. It lacks identity and charm.

Cliché place that you love?
Baguio. I went there twice this year. I just love the cool weather and the food. I don’t know why but I feel really nostalgic every time I go there.


Where would you rather be today?
I’d rather be at the beach, please.

Just Us is now available for pre-order.