GG loves: Slaves øf Liberty

Slave 4 U 🎯

Slaves øf Liberty est. 2013, a clothing label romanticising activism and countercultures. Taking cue from the Futurist Manifesto – “Courage, audacity, and revolt will be essential elements of our poetry.” SøL intends to create a discourse on why we produce clothes, as a venue to show the conundrums and celebration of the tropical and third world dystopia by creating clothes that fits the weather and silhouettes that echoes cross cultures and the very basic functions of clothing.

Their latest 10-piece capsule collection will be available on November 26 at GEN. MDSE.💥

Post-Bohemia explores on the renewed ideology of freedom, of a liberal lifestyle. Clothing that resembles as modified basics is recontextualized as the “new” bohemian through easy and minimal aesthetics. Diminishing visual silhouettes creates new ideals of a revitalized view on how clothes should be worn, characterized by Post-Bohemia or what is visualized to come after bohemian style.

HUB | Make Lab Acitivity Area | 6-8pm

Live Performance
Percussion – Hernandez Brothers
Dance – Bea Alonso Te

Video Presentation
Jon Olarte
Assisted by Akie Yano & Marti Salva

Fred’s Revolucion | 8pm-12mn

Electropicalia Party (All-Vinyl DJ Set)
Major Chie & DJ x AW

Post-Bohemia is part of ESCOLTA BLOCK PARTY / A gathering of a lovely community