The Artisan’s Collection VIII gives us all the right feels

Internet game strong.

“It’s the first collection I’m doing on my own,” says The Artisan’s designer and co-founder Kix Suarez. Aptly titled I Think About You But I Don’t Say It Anymore, the latest collection features key staples like t-shirts rendered in rock band poster prints, outerwear suitable for cooler climates in herringbone and wool, and up-cycled Black Nazarene scarves and flour sacks fashioned into shirts and jackets (our favorite). The lookbook, initially inspired by punk posters (as most of their materials were sourced from a punk shopping complex in Recto), ended up being a sort of love letter of the meme persuasion, but they decided to go with it.

The material, however, climaxes in the video below, with five guys silently screaming. Safe to say this one’s ripe with #FEELINGS.

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