We get by with a little help

Actually, a LOT of help. Our favorite bro and photographer Ralph Mendoza turns his lens on a new subject.


A look at Ralph Mendoza’s modern portaitures and you’ll a find familiar face in a (sometimes) grainy film haze: there’s the eccentric 80-year old lolo, your nonchalant ‘bros’, or girls in ad campaigns and fashion editorials slouching towards the insouciant chic. But once he shifts that familiar gaze to women in domestic work, they become part of Ralph’s bigger picture. “Shooting helpers was an offshoot of my regular stock of old people,” he says. “I thought it was nice to zero in on them because of what they wore and what they did when their amo or employers weren’t looking. It was fun to shoot but it was also embarrassing to flash them at the most unplanned times.”