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GG (Facebook) chats with Charles Salazar, the artist cutting and pasting images of unorthodox combinations of mundane life and high fashion into one off-beat image.


Mixing business with pleasure, his job as a videographer for Rappler does not come in the way of his knack for photography as he finds a way to make it all come together to form a goofy Instagram feed.

Have you always wanted to be a photographer?
I’ve always wanted to be a photographer. Then in college, I practiced but never really produced something. Also in college, nag-immerse ako sa pelikula like creating short films and parang na-divert ako sa pelikula, sa video exactly. Nag-decide na lang ako na the video part of me, I will make money out of it, like having a day job kasi kailangan ko rin ng pera. Alam ko di ako kikita sa photography, pero gusto ko pa rin siya gawin. So dun sa mga sweldo ko, I bought film cameras and films. Never really had the oppurtunity to make money with photography.


How did you start working for Rappler?
I was an intern in Storyline. Dun ko rin nakasama ibang photog friends. Then my boss there, Patricia Evangelista, already starting na with Rappler, offered me “raketdaw then they eventually absorbed me. I shoot videos, I edit videos. I direct talk shows and livestreams of events.

How did you start collaging and what is the process like?
Well, may time na I was very frustrated. Hindi ko alam gagawin ko with my works. “Am I doing well ba” – I’ve been very conscious. Tapos, first time ko sumali sa show ng tito and tita. Tapos I showed them yung proposed kong works and photos. Tapos parang they are not happy, then they are suggesting things na that time, hindi ako very open. I’m so attached to my works na gusto ko yun na siya. My frustration added up. Nung opening night, I was very frustrated and sad. Then they approached me; that’s what collectives are all about siguro. They talked to me, sabi nila, “Charles, yung photos mo is magaganda, sobrang ganda. We can’t see yourself there.” Also, yung bright humor ko raw is wala. I should use that daw. Yon. After that, I cut all my prints. Unti-unti, di ko alam nagco-collage na pala ako.



Among your works, which one is your favorite and why?
The Diordan –  a Michael Jordan and Dior mash-up. I dunno why it is my favorite. But there, I think it can stand as an ad and you can see how badly it was cut and pasted together. I love it. I usually buy magazines and search for ads. I don’t read it, I just look at pictures. LOL.

What it is you want to say with your collages, and how do you actually get your collages to do that?
I usually make fun of my weakness. I can’t take beautiful and clean photos but I wanted to try fashion. So there’s my take on it. I wanted to do something with the techniques and form of a fashion shoot. At the time I was doing the collage, a friend showed me works of Kalen Hollomon. Sabi niya, similar kami ng works. Naisip ko, okay yung trips ni Kalen. Saktong sakto. Yon.


Let’s say you got a chance to collaborate with a local and international fashion designer. Who would you choose and why?
I don’t know any international designers, but I wanna work with Versace and Supreme. Tapos local, I like CJ Cruz though hindi pa kami nagmi-meet. Instagram acquaintance na kami.

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