A luv letter from me to you.

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I’m not a particularly romantic person, but when you spend 20+ years of your life in Manila you tend to question how things add up and dream of things. Like a proper mass transportation system. Or sidewalks. Or more things to do or see other than be on our phones half the day trying to impress each other. Or maybe an antidote to sameness—from the same parties, people and circulating hashtags that burn out by the next day. I started GG on a whim, partly because of a personal feeling of displacement, and partly because of my #GGandfriends đź‘Ż. I don’t like to think we are limited out here, we are abundant, actually—Manila is fertile with creative resources—and it is my hope that this could be a platform for you and me and everyone we know. I’ve come to understand and value the advantages of being here from a few years as an editor and stylist, but also recognize its disadvantages (#BUDGET #XDEAL #EXPOSURE #ARTISTAEGOS). God knows I could go on and on about them, but in 2015 I decided to be proactive (!) and here we are. 🙏

It took us a good part of this year to get to this point, mostly because I’ve been struggling with what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it. This is a small step towards something, but a step nonetheless. I didn’t anticipate how challenging setting this up would be (literally, we had to crack open a door to do this shoot). And so my biggest thank yous to Jan and Corti, our designer and programmer respectively, without whom I couldn’t see this website through. Thank you for your patience with me. And to all my friends who had to listen and sit through my endless woes, thank you for your generosity and time. And thank you for your talent and vision—it’s a sincere pleasure to see the world through your eyes, and share this small Internet bubble with you <3

Some time ago, I remember being questioned whether my work was “fashion” enough, or if the way I dressed aligned with some branding that felt arbitrary to me. Our first “issue” is dedicated to my little rebellion towards glamour and flawlessness and high fashion shit (now that I think about it, that is GG in general), which is super groundbreaking right? No? It’s nothing new, but something I’d still like to address. Why “perfection is boring”? Because it darn is.

Please be patient with us as we gradually update the site and figure out some kinks (Internet biz is TOUGH!). We’re on the early stages of community building, so watch out as we open this thing for contributors soon (or if you have my email, just email me already!). If you’re reading this and it’s your jam, we want you.


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Photography Cenon Norial III
Styling Karen Bolilia
Model Tia Richardson
Stylist’s Assistant Martine Velasco